Selecting new patio furniture for your outdoor living space can be just as exciting as decorating a room in your home. There’s one obvious difference, however-this furniture will be outside, exposed to all the elements mother nature will bring. So, as you weigh the pros and cons of the different outdoor furniture materials available, durability is likely your biggest concern. No one wants to (or can afford to) buy new patio furniture every year or spend a lot of time maintaining it. To help you make the best selection, we’ve compared wood, metal and polywood in terms of durability and maintenance requirements. Here’s how they stack up against each another.

Outdoor patio furniture that can get wet

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking at durability for outdoor furniture is selecting material that can get wet and withstand varying weather conditions. You’ll want furniture that can survive storms, heavy rainfall, snowfall or even hail. So how does wood, metal and polywood stand up against rain and harsh weather?

Heavy wood furniture might be able to withstand strong winds, but over time, it has the tendency to hold water. This absorption of water can cause splintering, cracking and even mold or mildew to grow. In order to combat the damaging effects of water absorption in your outdoor furniture, you’ll need to regularly refinish or apply stains to all your wood patio pieces. This maintenance task might need to be done as often as once a year.

While metal furniture doesn’t absorb water, unsightly rust on joints and weak areas is inevitable. And if water does get into the small holes and into the pipes, this can potentially destroy your furniture! Furthermore, to deal with the rust before it ruins your furniture you’ll need to sand down and repaint it. This should ideally be done as often as the rust appears.

When compared to wood and metal, polywood is the best outdoor furniture because of its durability against rain and snow. Since it’s not porous it won’t hold water, which means there’s no concern of cracking or splintering. Even when polywood is exposed to years of frequent rain or snowfall, you’ll certainly never have to deal with rust or rot either! Polywood furniture is made solid, which means there are no hollow pipes for water to get into to cause damage or mold. The most you’ll ever need to do in terms of maintenance for polywood furniture is a good wipe down with soap and water to keep it looking its best!

So, if you’re in the market and trying to decide which type of outdoor furniture proves to be the most durable and longest lasting, this really is an easy decision! Choose polywood if you want to invest your money in outdoor furniture that can withstand harsh weather and yet not require much maintenance on your part. Eblyand offers the best in quality for patio furniture and all our polywood pieces are also backed by a 20-year warranty. We invite you to shop all collections today!